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What are your lashes made from?

Our lashes are 100% vegan, cruelty free faux mink lashes.

Can I re-use my lashes?

Absolutely! Our lashes are hand made and designed for multi-use wear.

How do I clean my lashes?

After gently removing your lashes, place them on a clean surface (paper towel). Gently remove the remaning glue with makeup remover. Lightly spray your clean mascara wand with alcohol, and gently comb through the lash hairs. Place the lashes back in the case and let them airdrop, WARNING! DO NOT OVER SATURATE WITH MAKEUP REMOVER OR OILS. THIS CAN DAMAGE THE FIBERS OF THE LASH.

What lash adhesive should I use?

Hypoallergenic brands only, we recommend Duo Lash Glue.

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